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Louise Distras – Heartstrings on a Hand Grenade

Wakefield lass, Louise Distras is set to release her second, eagerly awaited EP Heartstrings On A Hand Grenade on 2 May.  Her first EP Spiders was an education in the burgeoning punk/folk genre, and since then, she has been made a member of the prestigious Strummerville.

So, we start on This Is Your Life, and we’re immediately pulled into the sometimes unsettling world of Louise roughly by the hair.  We start off with her customary soft guitars and her sweet vocal, before long though Louise’s voraciousness slams it’s way through – grabbing your attention and making you realise that she certainly isn’t just another female singer/songwriter.

Although Bullets has more of a cheery punk pop sound to it, it’s lyrics are rather dark with references to mothers holding their childrens’ ambitions back.  The uplifting chorus with it’s hollered, ‘Go somewhere, do something’ leaves you with no choice.  To dismiss Louise’s instructions would be like taking a bullet.

Black On Blue starts with Louise given a slightly chuckled count in.  It’s an upbeat, short stab at never changing attitudes, and inability to move on.  You have the feeling, in this song, that she is looking for a bigger adventure, and although there’s cheerful whistling throughout the songs chorus, the feeling of desperation that Louise just wants to get away from the crappy life is less than a layer away.

Louise has done it again.  She’s delivered a masterpiece of sticking two fingers up at the overly saturated shiny female starlets.  You can be cool, be angry and be so fucking talented, without selling your soul.

Heartstrings On A Hand Grenade will be available through iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Bandcamp and Spotify on the 2nd May.  Do yourselves a favour and download it.

Sally Altass

Picture courtesy of Mike Distras

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