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Gina Breeze, better known as MissB, is a DJ of burgeoning superstar proportions.  After taking a year out to concentrate on her studio – MissB is back playing a regular set in Leeds, and is ready to take the DJ world by storm.

MissB’s career to date has already been peppered with some illustrious gigs.  From playing the opening set in the Glastonbury dance tent in 2009 to managing her own stage at BOMFest last year and to having two guest spots on Galaxy FM before it changed to Capital.  This year is set to be an amazing year with exciting new projects in the mix.

‘I’m wanting to collaborate more this year, and produce my own music.  I don’t want to just concentrate on dance music, and so looking for all types of musicians to work with, especially a vocalist on a long term basis.’

This promises to bring her exquisite style to different genres of music, all of which will be done in her own studio – MissB’s Studio, which has top of the range recording systems and mixing desks.  Since opening, she has had the pleasure to work with a lot of upcoming talent – from local band Burden to X-Factor hopefuls from last years’ Boot Camp the Hu Ha’s.  Most of the people that pass through the studio though are the general public.

‘There’s some amazing talent out there – especially with the kids.  There are some youngsters with really powerful voices.’  She enthuses.

MissB’s Studio is the sum of playing the Glastonbury Dance Tent, although she was the first DJ on, by the end of her set, there were hundreds of revellers enjoying her particular brand of house music.

‘Playing Glastonbury gave me the confidence and hunger to get into music full time.  I’d always wanted to, but was only DJing part time prior to the festival.  Because of the business side of the studio I now work full time in music, it’s a dream come true.’

Now, MissB is going to be a very busy lady, with a weekly residency at Mission Homo in Leeds.  She’s on every Monday night in Room Two – The Test Lounge playing House and Electro.  Just recently she’s played Manchesters’ Avici White with Vula, the voice of Bassment Jaxx.  She is hoping for more festival opportunities – including Barnsley’s BOMFest again.

‘Last year’s BOMFest was great.  I was the stage manager for the Dance Tent, and we got loads of talented DJ’s from around the country.  The only problem was that if anything, it got too busy.  People loved it so much, that it had to shut at 11.30pm because of health and safety.  Hopefully, if I get asked this year, it’ll be a marquee, and more people will be able to get in and stay for much longer.’

Moving on to her home town of Barnsley, MissB is a little disillusioned with the dance scene in the town.

‘I think Barnsley’s much better for up and coming bands, rather than house DJ’s,’ she informs.  ‘All the clubs in the town centre concentrate on either rock and indie or commercial dance.  Not that I’m saying people don’t want to hear commercial dance music, but I think there is a market out there for a club night for house and electro.  Like I said, the dance tent at BOMFest was busy all day, showing that there is a lot of love for it in the town.’

As the interview draws to a close, I am struck by how passionate MissB is about all forms of music, and her home town.  This year is going to be equally exciting and busy for her.  Get ready for the MissB revolution.

For more information on MissB and MissB’s Studio check out her website

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